An Important custom at one time


Cheddar in a real sense interpreted methods Bed sheet. Before I compose anything further regarding this matter its value expressing that in Hindu society especially in the Punjab a lady had no offer in the property. In this manner on the off chance that a spouse passed on his better half would struggle as she did not acquire anything. This was possibly changed in 1955 when Nehru achieved the Hindu marriage act

How Society Reacted to Widows Rehabilitation

Punjabi society had its own answer for an issue of a widow and her future life. They embraced a custom that dealt with this issue. No one knows how this exclusively started. The uniquely elaborate the spouse of an expired man wedding the more youthful sibling her brother by marriage. This was done in a concise function where the widow set a white Cheddar bed sheet on the more youthful sibling. From that second she turned into the spouse of the bedsheets online. This was done to keep the lady in a similar family and give insurance to youngsters from the main marriage. In any case her life was damned. As can be accepted lady was constrained into this union by the mother parents in law.

Pragmatic Aspects of Cheddar

Setting the cheddar had its own issues. Now and again a widow turned into the second spouse of her brother by marriage. In different cases the husband was a lot more youthful than the widow, yet the marriage was fulfilled. There were instances of a widow going into another house hold where there were at that point pubescent girls. This had its own issues however the by and large setting the cheddar on the more youthful sibling gave another rent of life to the widow as far as sex, friendship and status.

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One explanation behind setting the cheddar is to stop fracture of land property. In the Punjab land has enormous worth and farming area specifically is a superficial point of interest. This is especially predominant among the Jet people group, who are the significant proprietors of land in the Punjab.

When a lady cast a chaddar on her better half’s more youthful sibling she turned into his significant other and all the land possessed by the senior sibling went to the more youthful sibling. Consequently discontinuity of the horticultural grounds was evaded and land stayed inside the family.

Ladies in Hindu and Sikh society had no spot after she turned into a widow. Widow Remarriage began differ late just in late nineteenth century. By having the function of the Chaddar, indeed gave another life to the widow. She again turned into a wedded lady a ‘Saharan’. There was no shame appended to such relationships and the strict pioneers upheld this custom.

Kids conceived of the senior spouse additionally found a home. Despite the fact that some interesting circumstances were made in that a prior spouse on the off chance that the sibling was hitched needed to change in accordance with the new wife too.

Accomplishment of Such relationships

Such relationships were by and large fruitful. One explanation behind this is the interest in Indian old stories for the Dhabi or spouse of the senior sibling for the more youthful sibling. Umpteen stories and melodies discussion of the affection between a Bhabhi and her Devar more youthful sibling of the spouse Hence all relationships fell in a furrow and were by and large fruitful.