Instagram Likes

Instagram is becoming like a person’s name, just like we name babies right after birth or sometimes even before birth, now people create Instagram accounts for their newborn babies. Parents make accounts of there babies and post their pictures, and others judge the baby on his/her cuteness before tapping the heart icon. Check this out, the recent trends of Instagram likes!

So-called Instagram influencers

The Instagram influencer or celebrity culture has grown a lot in the last five years. Most of these influencers are young people in their 20s and they post mostly about a topic that according to them they have mastered. They showcase a picture-perfect life, a life that can make anyone feel bad about their own. A life that in most cases doesn’t exist. These so-called influencers come in different categories, like Beauty & Fashion, Lifestyle, Body Building, and currently the most viral category Money Making, Check This Out to gain more followers. As per dictionaries work of an influencer is to have a positive impact on people’s lives, but most of these influencers are doing quite opposite.

Instagram Likes

The like supplements

 The bodybuilding influencers show their body in all there posts and try to sell supplements, the beauty and fashion influencers try to agree people that you can only look beautiful if you use products by certain brands, some influencers post about how much money they have and at the end of the day trying to sell a certain app guaranteeing that it will help in making money just like they did or encougaing to buy insta followers. The problem is that people end up believing them, and they’re only one reason for that, the millions of likes that they get on their posts. These like convince people that what these influencers are saying is true and they end up buying things that they don’t need.

When it comes to virtual life people always want to show their A-form to everyone their prettiest photos their perfect diet and even their routine just to gain the virtual compliment, but when meeting face to face with that same person the reality is different it’s because one cannot always maintain their best form. Even then people try their best to show the fake reality that they show on these platforms which later creates more unnecessary stress than we already experience in modern life, and a lot of people feel like they have to live up to unrealistic standards of beauty and eating habits. Perhaps seen their favorite actors or model follow a certain diet or routine they follow them to some standard but in reality, they forget who they are.