Instagram overwhelmed the world. Within the first three months of its launch, Instagram touched more than a million users. Today, the total number is close to a billion and is incrementing day-by-day. If a brand wishes to expand its reach and establish more reliable connections with their crowd, there’s a ton of clients in a single domain eagerly waiting to connect with you!

You may get a chance to travel around the world and actually get paid for it or you can get a lot of free products, depending on the brand you endorse. Therefore, even though it requires a lot of work, going as far as managing a business and a personal brand together, once you achieve success, it will definitely be worth everything!


Looking back, one shall notice that Instagram has from its root history itself, has always created a hike amongst the masses. With the first introduction of the app itself, it has been successfully able to create a grand record of 1 million users in just three hours.

According to present estimates, Instagram now has closer to 700 million users and counting. With the passage of time, this social media platform has undergone various changes or updates, introduced new features and most importantly resolved any issue that a user might face. It has done everything in the wake of gaining even more users, with the advent of time. Stay away from fake likes. These fake followers are nothing but mere robots, which undoubtedly, can never really add value to the platform. It on the other hand, may instead, take away the much-loved user experience.


  1. Follow accounts related to your line of work.
  2. Post high quality pictures.
  3. Use proper hash-tags and captions.
  4. Use geo-tags.
  5. Engage with your audience.
  6. Participate in popular trends and conversations.

Some suggestions:

Instagram Likes and Follows

Always keep some informational and different content into your post. So here are a few suggestions for you:

  • INFORMATIONAL: Always try to post something different which people don’t know. You may be gone for NEWS, RESEARCH, AND ANALYSIS, STORIES, etc.
  • EDUCATIONAL: It is clearer and shorter as much as you can. Here you can add like: SHORT TEACHING TUTORIALS, TEACHING GUIDE, AND REVIEWS, etc.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Content that provides post according to their moods for passing their time. CELEBRITY POST, STORIES, QUIZZES, etc.
  • It is cost-effective to post an ad featuring celebrities online than to produce a full-fledged TV commercial since most people are consuming digital content these days. It also helps to sustain competition among different brands were with the feed made public, we get to see how different brands are performing in real-time.
  • TAG PEOPLE AND PLACE: Content that allows the user to get some new information about the new place, etc. Will help you to get more likes and followers.

These few tricks may help you get more likes and followers through and will help you to engage with people. By this, you have an idea about your followers that what they want and must go for to serve them better content.