Christmas is a royal holiday and holiday influenced by culture. Because of this, Christmas customs are as varied as the world is diverse. By way of instance, Christmas customs are a literal potpourri the Christmas customs brought by immigrants. Christmas customs are rich and diverse. In Ghana, Christmas Eve is indicated by the kids parading through the streets singing Christmas songs and shouting Christ is coming, Christ is coming. Church services are held Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. After Church services, family and intimate friends celebrate a meal of fufu, a past made with okra or stew soup, from yams and rice, meats and porridge.

In oil palms, Liberia Decorated with bells is used to get a Christmas tree. On Christmas Day gifts are exchanged among family and friends, such as soap, cotton fabric, sweets, pens, and books are traded. Church services on Christmas morning have a reenactment of the first Christmas. Christmas dinner, which includes beef, rice and biscuits, is held outside. Family and friend enjoy nighttime fireworks and games.

While the individuals and cultures of Asia are far removed from Christianity and its own Christmas traditions, the community Christians has blended their Christian faith with their regional cultures. By way of instance, Christmas the Holy Birth Festival has many of the traditional Christmas symbols. Chinese Christian families decorate Christmas trees, or Trees of Light, with red paper chains red is the color of happiness in Chinese civilizations, lanterns and flowers.

Every country has traditions that are shared with Western cultures in addition to its Christmas traditions. The kids count before Christmas with an Advent calendar for how many days until christmas because they can enjoy the leave. La Naiad Christmas is a brilliant, exciting vacation. The significance remains the focal point for the party while the parties vary widely. On December 16th, Las Posadas starts. For the next 8 evenings, the celebrants reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging by going door to door with two teenaged kids carrying images of Mary and Joseph.

During the Christmas Season and on Christmas Day, Christmas figures and symbols are full of candy and suspended in the air by means of a rope while blindfolded children attempt to split them open with a stick. The candy spills on the ground is broken and the kids scramble to recover. January 6th the Day of the Three Kings or Wiseman marks the end of the nearly month long Christmas parties. On the eve of January 5th, the children leave their shoes on the windowsill and find them filled with candy and small gifts the next morning. In Venezuela, the kids leave straw near their beds on January 5th and the following morning see that the straw was replaced with gifts.