Summary: Read below to know the process of registering and activating the vanilla visa cards and what this card can help you out.

When it comes to shopping, ladies, youngsters and teenagers are the ones who directly come to our mind. It is their favorite activity and it keeps them happy not doubt in that. No one would ever want to miss out on the opportunity to buy the items they like the most. In such situations, you will want to go to the nearest supermarket or just simple take your phone and browse online through various shopping sites available. In such cases you have recently purchased a vanilla visa card but not sure how to use it and activate it.

Gift Card Balance

Let us discuss below the process of activating your vanilla card:

Although it sounds little difficult but when it comes to actual process it is the simplest one! Make sure to follow the mentioned points correctly:

  • You must be aware of how to register the zip code on the official website of the visa card.
  • Take assistance from the customer representative in order to activate the card by providing the card number.

The main reason of this article is to help you utilize your card for different purchases.

Registering your vanilla card:

The first and foremost thing you must do after purchasing the card is to register,  doesn’t matter whether you have purchased it or received it as a gift from your friends or relatives. Initially you must visit the website and enter the card number to know the balance available in your card. You will find a link which says “registering your card” this link will automatically turn into “edit your card “ as soon as you enter the zip code.

Now your card is registered to the zip code provided, however you must fill in the other details to activate the card. Once this is done you have to search for the cardholder agreement link to activate the link, this can also be done be calling on the toll free number which will be provided at the back of your card. After this there will be a message sent to the registered mobile number asking to enter the card number. Here you go! Your card will be activated now.

Key points to be noted:

When you maintain a vanilla visa card, there are some points that must be kept in mind:

  • When your card is not registered or activated there is a possibility that your card can be declined right at the time of payment.
  • When there is insufficient balance in your card, your card will be declined. Hence it is always suggested that you maintain enough balance in your card before planning for any purchasing.

There will be an activation fee charged for every gift card; hence you must compare different types of card on internet before making a choice. A right choice will lead you to right future!