Seafood is a variety of different kinds of items from shellfish to salmon and so they each get their own characteristics when fresh. If you know these characteristics you will be aware how to successfully buy good seafood. Once you buy seafood everyone understand that fresh is the perfect. But, it may seem that if the food market sells you fresh shrimp that it must be fresh. But, how much time ago was it harvested? How soon was it frozen before delivered to your neighborhood store? Was it only packed in dry ice and sent by truck? Every one of these things should be evaluated when you are buying fresh seafood.

  1. Flash Frozen is the ideal method to maintain your seafood as fresh as you can. . Flash frozen happens when the seafood is frozen within just a couple hours of harvesting to guarantee the quality, flavor and freshness. In the event the seafood is prepared in this particular fashion, when it arrives towards the store it will still have that fresh taste and aroma that the desire.
  2. Once you buy frozen seafood of any type, first consider the expiration date. The Seafood Box should be frozen solid and there ought to be no discoloration. If you have an odor it should be fresh and mild. Consider the packaging, it will fit tight throughout the seafood, the wrapping ought to be moist and vapor proof. Also, try to find any damages on the packaging, tears in the plastic, un-wrapped edges, water stains, or ice crystals. Water stains and ice crystals certainly are a sign that the seafood has thawed and been re-frozen.
  3. When choosing fresh fish filets and fish steaks the flesh must be moist, firm, elastic, and have the fresh cut look. Seek out edges turning dry or dark, this could be a specific sign on the not for fresh filet. The odor should also be fresh and mild. Always check out the packaging, it should not be tight throughout the fish filets or fish steaks and there ought to be no liquid from the wrapping or container.
  4. Fresh whole fish should have a bright a shiny appearance. The scales ought to be intact and adhere tightly towards the skin. Observe the markings and colors of the fish. These fade and grow less pronounced as the fish loses its freshness. Your eye area are another indicator to freshness they will be bright, clear and full as well as in some types of fish even protruding. The gills should be red. After a while the gills turn from bright red to pink, to grey after which to your green or brown color. There has to be only a faint fish odor. That strong fishy smell happens as time passes. The stronger the odor the less fresh the fish.
  5. Talk to the butcher, he will tell you where the fish came from and maybe even if they were harvested.