Pay Results for January Options, Dividends and Stocks

January was a fair month for our portfolio considering we actually have a ton of money to contribute and we are not selling choices on a major piece of our portfolio. Present anchors in our portfolio are SPDR Gold Trust ETF NYSEARCA: GLD, Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF NYSEARCA: BND, Market Vectors Agribusiness ETF NYSEARCA: MOO and PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund NYSEARCA: DBA. These positions we will hold endlessly and not sell covered approaches them as they are not unpredictable and the gamble does not legitimize the prizes. Alright on with the outcomes first up are values. Regularly we do not get a lot of cash-flow here as stocks are not summoned from us. Anyway we made some pay in NYSEARCA: GDXJ as it was summoned from us. This implies the stock was over the call strike cost at lapse. We actually made a capital increase of $332 on the stock or ETF. Beneficially NYSEARCA: GDXJ has returned in cost so we are long again with covered calls sold against it

Alright so we made $2,026 pay from choices in January. Joined with our benefits from stocks or Elf’s, the whole was $2,358. As you can see from the screen-shot over, the main misfortune in our choices exchanges was the GDXJ13FEB-26Call. This exchange understood a deficiency of $158 however when you couple it with the capital increase of $332 in the NYSEARCA: GDXJ exchange over, the general benefit was $174. We structure our exchange to unlimited download isometric illustrations a gain regardless of whether our underlyings are summoned I cannot pressure sufficient the significance of putting GTC exchanges Good Till Cancelled This allows our portfolio to run on autopilot so benefits are taken consequently. The portfolio is intended to not make misfortunes. We hold our hidden misfortunes; we exchange little, gather our profits and sit tight for them to pivot.

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Profits were low as we did not have a lot of underlyings in the portfolio in December. I anticipate that profits should be a lot higher in the approaching months. With everything taken into account pay for January was $2,448. This pay could never have been understood except for Dividends in the event that we did not effectively deal with our portfolio. Exchanging and contributing gives you extraordinary influence, particularly when you have great until dropped orders set up as these very orders will remove cash from the business sectors for you consistently

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