Each stage has its cohort of dedicated users and will be a good match for some companies, but perhaps less so for others. The programs are free of charge, besides the time it costs to maintain your content up-to-date. However responsive to societal media marketing your enterprise is, time woo not allow most Solopreneurs and business owners to maintain a presence on all platforms, unless social networking management is outsourced. If the ROI positively impacts earnings, then the investment will be worthwhile. Let us take a look at Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The most popular social networking platform has 2.19 billion users Statist, 1Q 2018 around the world. There are somewhat more female users than male and the majority of the age demographic is 18-44 decades. Forbes Magazine data suggests that 47 percent of Americans report that Facebook is their main influencer when it comes to making purchases.

Visual storytelling, behind-the-scenes picture montages, societal selling, Brand awareness, engaging with clients and creating relationships are great uses of Instagram. If you are in public relations or particular event or conference planning, then you will discover worthwhile B2B usage, otherwise it is B2C as far as can tell. Photo sharing, short video recorders and concise text postings which include a hash tag to better distribute your articles are ideal content. Add a link to your profile bio. Decide if you would like a public or members-only account. Links may not be shared.

Considered the gold standard B2B social networking platform, LinkedIn has 500 Million members worldwide Statist, January 2018. Business ventures big and small, Solopreneurs, corporate and nonprofits leaders, doctors and dentists, any worker who harbours professional aspirations and many college students keep a profile page in stories ig. Recruiters use LinkedIn to identify possible candidates for job openings. LinkedIn Profounder assists Solopreneurs find job work.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform on which to build a community of Professional colleagues throughout your connections and discuss with them your professional narrative, successes, highlights and other upgrades that support your personal brand. My B2B blog posts to my LinkedIn page and my relations get notice of its coming. Your relations will also share their stories and there is very good chance to be in touch and nurture relationships.

Professional portfolios, videos, white papers, newsletters, blogs, Info graphics, Slide Share podcasts and presentations can be featured in your profile page to add thickness to your brand story. Links to articles or studies that might interest your relations can be posted. Recommendations and Endorsements let others affirm your professional bona fides and you will be able to return the favour.