School’s has become very clever These times by integrating and implementing online school management software in their daily tasks. Task such as keeping student entrance management, student fees direction, student library management have become so straightforward. Admission direction for pupils is a really major task for any school. To keep grade-wise document for students who have applied for admission, selection of pupils on the basis of the merit listing, allocation of courses and roll no. These actions must have taken more time if it’s done manually. Automated applications can save time and reduce efforts for student admission procedure.

School Management System

Student Fees Management Software

In student charges, management module has to have the ability to store each and every student’s name, their roster number, their course information, and information about fees such as pending amount and post-paid quantity of school fees.  Library Management Module can save ISBN number for each and every publication. It is a special code which assigns to every book so that publication can identify readily. When student issues any books from the library, Student’s roll number can save facing the novels ISBN code. An intelligent library management software can compute fine mechanically who submit issues book following the due date. Transportation management system must develop with vehicle tracking system so that administrators and parents may understand the position of each and every car. Each and every student has assigned another vehicle for transport associated with their bus route.

The presence management system can monitor absentee and presented document for each and every student. Attendance record should store in accordance with their name and grade wise. Course or topic wise attendance calculation. Hostel management system can capture all of the documents that live in a hostel and their allocated rooms. The program can easily identify vacant room or future vacant room for lodging. Timetable management system can handle student timetable in addition to teacher timetable. It may also handle and allocate teachers in accordance with their subjects, if any teacher is absent then it may also show the name of the teachers that are free to spend the proxy lecture. An Intelligent School Management System Can be readily integrated, customized and migrate into another present system. A School management system has to be scalable and secure and can be retrieved Outside the college environment.