Summary: when you maintain a prepaid card, it is mandatory for you to keep a record on the available balance.

Prepaid vanilla cards are introduced to make your life easy in terms of handling your purchases and transactions. In other words it can be said that the fear of being cashless will be gone forever with these gift cards which are prepaid already and for gifting someone instead of cash envelops and cheque. The only important point which must be considered while having a prepaid card is to keep a regular check on the Vanilla prepaid card balance in order to continue the purchasing. Won’t it look awkward if you suddenly run out of funds right at the billing point? Hence keep your number updated so that you will receive an SMS after every purchase done.

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Benefits of vanilla prepaid card:

In this article we will discuss in detail about the uses and advantages of having a vanilla prepaid card and the ways to know the balance present in it. Starting with the benefits which are discussed below:

  1. If you own a prepaid vanilla card then you can easily and fearlessly spend money while shopping online or in store as these are accepted everywhere without any extra charge.
  2. You can consider these cards when you prioritize your options on purchasing the items you desire.
  3. They are valid up to their expiry time and can be used for making bill payments, shopping, entertainment and dining out.
  4. With everything becoming digital nowadays, with these cards you can also make online payments just as you do with debit cards.
  5. You can manage your card through online or mobile apps just by registering on the authentic website.
  6. These cards are ideal for gifting and even you can emboss the name of the recipient on the card to personalize it.

As these cards cannot be reloaded in future kindly decide a particular amount beforehand only so that you can complete all the planned purchasing and transactions with the loaded funds in the card.

How to check the balance?

There are three ways where you can check the remaining balance in your prepaid card.

  • Registering your personal detail like name number and phone number at the website, by this you will be notified regarding the remaining balance after every transaction made.
  • By contacting the customer case, there will be a toll free number mentioned at the back of your card. By calling that number assistance will be provided.
  • Last is by visiting the website and entering the card details and checking the balance status online.

Hence it is always recommended to personally keep a check on the vanilla prepaid card balance.

The other most important point which I would like to mention regarding the prepaid cards is that the amount cannot be transferred from one card to another hence it is necessary that you plan all your needs from one card only.